Brass Quintet Repertoire

Composer Title Date Duration Publisher
Abrahamsen, Hans Rundt og imellem (Round and in Between) 1971 0:10:00 Wilhelm Hansen
Adolphe, Bruce Triskelion
Ahlstrom, Albert Treelight
Amy, Gilbert Relais 1969 0:12:00 Heugel
Amy, Gilbert Symphonies pour cinq cuivres 1994 0:08:30 Amphion
Amy, Gilbert Relais
Arnold, Malcolm Quintet For Brass, Op. 73
Asia, Daniel Brass Quintet
Babbitt, Milton Counterparts 1992 0:20:00 Peters
Babbitt, Milton Counterparts
Bach, Jan Laudes
Bach, Jan Triptych
Bahr, Jason Divergence
Bahr, Jason Eagle Fanfare
Baker, Drew Kiln for brass quintet & piano
Balada, Leonardo Mosaics
Barber, Stephen Gone Is the River
Barber, Stephen Multiples Points on View of a Fanfare
Barnes, Edward Variations for Brass Quintet
Baron, Samuel Impressions of a Parade
Bartholomew, Greg Voyageur Suite
Bazelon, Irwin Brass Quintet
Beaser, Robert Brass Quintet
Bennett, Robert Arabesque
Berio, Luciano Call St. Louis Fanfare 1985 0:04:00 Universal Edition
Bernstein, Leonard Dance Suite for Brass Quintet
Birtwistle, Harrison Chorale from a Toy Shop (2nd Version) 1978 0:02:00 Universal Edition
Bitensky, Larry For Then and Now for brass quintet
Bolcom, William Quintet
Bourgeois, Derek Sonata for Brass Quintet
Božič, Darijan Kriki (The Cries)
Bozza, Eugene Bis
Bozza, Eugene Quintet for Brass
Bradshaw, Robert J. Vignettes No. 1 Right Then. Same Time Tomorrow?
Brant, Henry The Fourth Millennium
Brehm, Alvin Quintet for Brass
Broege, Timothy Brass Quintet No. 2
Buss, Howard J. Concord, Chromatic Fantasy, Sonata K.380/Scarlatti,D.
Calvert, Morley Occasional Suite
Calvert, Morley Suite from the Monteregian Hills
Campo, Régis Exsultate jubilate 1996 0:10:30 Alphonse Leduc
Carter, Elliott A Fantasy About Purcell’s ‘Fantasia Upon One Note’ 1974 0:03:00 Associated Music Publishers
Carter, Elliott Brass Quintet 1974 0:17:00 Associated Music Publishers
Carter, Elliott Birthday Flourish 1988 0:02:00 Boosey & Hawkes
Carter, Elliott A Fantasy about Purcell’s “Fantasia upon One Note”
Carter, Elliott Brass Quintet
Chastain, Robert Quintet for Brass Instruments
Cheetham, John Brass Menagerie
Cheetham, John Scherzo
Connesson, Guillaume Agora trois pièces pour quintette de cuivres 2011 0:10:00 Billaudot
Cooper, jack Fives Scenes for Brass Quintet
Coyner, Louis Eolith No. 4 for Brass Quintet
D’Adamo, Daniel Divertimenti 1996 0:08:00
Dahl, Ingolf Music for Brass Instruments
Daniel, Asa Brass Quintet
Davies, Peter Maxwell Quintette de cuivres 1981 0:25:00 Chester Music
Delerue, Georges Vitrail
Dennis, Robert Blackbird Variations
DiLorenzo, Anthony Fire Dance
Ditmer, Kathleen Tonqueues
Dlugoszewski, Lucia Angels of the Inmost Heaven
Druckman, Jacob Other Voices 1976 0:18:00 Boosey & Hawkes
Druckman, Jacob Dance with shadows 1989 0:08:00 Boosey & Hawkes
Druckman, Jacob Other Voices
Dubowsky, Jack Curtis Brass Quintet No. 1
Dubowsky, Jack Curtis Due North
Dusapin, Pascal Stanze Dyade pour quintette de cuivres 1991 0:10:00 Salabert
End, Jack 3 Salutations
Erb, Donald The St. Valentine’s Day Brass Quintet
Erb, Donald Three Pieces for Brass Quintet
Etler, Alvin Quintet
Etler, Alvin Sonic Sequence
Ewald, Victor Quintet no. 1 in B flat minor (Op. 5)
Ewald, Victor Quintet no. 2 in E flat major (Op. 6)
Ewald, Victor Quintet no. 3 in D flat major (Op. 7)
Ewald, Victor Quintet no. 4 in A flat major (Op. 8)
Ewazen, Eric Colchester Fantasy
Ewazen, Eric Frost Fire
Ewazen, Eric Western Fanfare
Felder, Brian Canzone XXXI
Fennelly, Brian Brass Quintet No. 3 (Velvet and Spice)
Fennelly, Brian Locking Horns-Brass Quintet No. 2
Fennelly, Brian Prelude And Elegy For Brass Quintet
Fink, Myron A Suite of Antiques
Forsythe, Jason Sanctity
Fourès, Henry Musica Ficta n° 7 1988 0:09:00
Fuchs, Kenneth Fire, Ice, and Summer Bronze
Gallagher, Jack Celebration and Reflection
Gallagher, Jack Toccata for Brass Quintet
Gelhaar, Rolf Camera oscura 1978 0:11:00 Unpublished
Giorgetti, Daniel Skewed Distribution 1997 0:13:00 Unpublished
Globokar, Vinko Discours VII 1968 0:15:00 Ricordi
Goldenthal, Elliot Brass Quintet No. 2
Grabois, Daniel Zen Monkey
Halle, John Softshoe
Harkins, Hoseph Quintet No. 1 in B-flat Major
Hellawell, Piers Sound Carvings from the Bell Foundry
Henze, Hans Werner Fragmente aus einer Show, “The Long Road to remain Natascha Ungeheuer” 1971 0:10:00 Schott
Hindemith, Paul Morgenmusik
Hirschman, Edward Four Bridges
Hoddinott, Alun Ritornelli 2
Holmboe, Vagn Quintet No 1, Op. 79
Holmboe, Vagn Quintet No 2, Op. 136
Holz, Eres Vier Schatten
Horowitz, Josef Music Hall Suite
Hudes, Eric Pentateuch
Huggier, John Quintet
Husa, Karel Divertimento
Husa, Karel Landscapes
Jacobs, Edward Passed Time
Johnston, Phillip Sleeping Beauty
Jones, Collier Four Movements for Five Brass
Keller, Patrick Losanges 1984 0:10:00 Unpublished
Korn, Peter Prelude and Scherzo
Kurtág, György In memoriam György Zilcz 1975 0:04:00 Editio Musica
Lane, Kyle Sonata for Brass Quintet
Leclerc, Michel Par Monts et Paul Vaux
León, Tania Saoko
Levinas, Michaël Diaclase 1993 0:10:00 Lemoine
London, Edwin Brass Quintet
Louvier, Alain Cinq pièces pour quintette de cuivres 1974 0:07:00 Alphonse Leduc
Lutosławski, Witold Mini-Overture 1982 0:03:00 Chester Music
Lutosławski, Witold Fanfare for CUBE 1987 0:00:30 Chester Music
Mâche, François-Bernard Canzone I 1957 0:04:30 Unpublished
Mâche, François-Bernard Canzone II 1963 0:05:20 Durand
Magle, Frederik Intermezzo for Brass Quintet
Mason, Benedict Brass Quintet 1989 0:15:00 Chester Music
McBeth, Francis 4 Frescos
McKee, Kevin Escape
McKee, Kevin Vuelta del Fuego
Melby, John 91 Plus 5 for brass quintet and computer
Nagel, Robert This Old Man March
Needham, Clint Abstract Mosaics
Nordin, Jesper Jublet 2012 0:03:00 Peters
Nørgård, Per Vision 1988 0:08:00 Wilhelm Hansen
Osmon, Leroy Introduction and Allegro
Pascoal, Hermeto Timbrando
Persichetti, Vincent Parable
Peruti, Carl Della Sounding for Brass Quintet
Pierson, Tom Brass Quintet
Plog, Anthony 4 Sierra Scenes for Soprano and Brass Quintet
Plog, Anthony 4 Sketches for Brass Quintet (Quintet #1)
Plog, Anthony Animal Ditties 7 for Brass Quintet
Plog, Anthony Mini-Suite for Brass Quintet
Plog, Anthony Mosaics for Brass Quintet (Quintet #2)
Quilling, Howard Four Pieces for Five Brass
Renwick, Wilke Dance
Reynolds, Belinda Weave
Reynolds, Verne Suite
Ridenour, Brandon Brass Quintet
Ridenour, Brandon Fanfare for Muriel
Rihm, Wolfgang Sine nomine I 1985 0:09:00 Universal Edition
Robles, Peter Transcendent Tones, Fractured Forms
Rorem, Ned Diversions
Sacco, Steven Quintet for Brass
Sampson, David Distant Voices
Sampson, David Entrance
Sampson, David Morning Music
Sampson, David Strata (originally Quintet 99)
Schmidt, William Variations on a Negro Folksong
Schoenberg, Adam Reflecting Light
Schuller, Gunther Music for Brass Quintet 1961 0:12:00 Associated Music Publishers
Schuller, Gunther Brass Quintet No. 2 1993 0:14:00 Associated Music Publishers
Schuman, William American Hymn
Schwartz, Elliott Three Movements
Shapey, Ralph Brass Quintet
Shapey, Ralph Fanfares
Shchetynsky, Alexander On the Eve
Silverman, Faye-Ellen Kalends
Silverman, Faye-Ellen Quantum Quintet
Simpson, Reynold Brass Quintet
Snow, David Dance Movements
Starer, Robert Evanescence
Stewart, Raymond OK Chorale
Stewart, Robert Quintet No. 2
Stewart, Robert Three Pieces for the American Brass Quintet
Susman, William The Heavens Above
Tannenbaum, Elias Patterns and Improvisations for BQ and Tape
Tannenbaum, Elias Structures
Thomas, Michael Tilson Street Song
Thomson, Virgil Family Portrait
Tsontakis, George Brass Quintet
Tsontakis, George Hansel
Ussachevsky, Vladimir Anniversary Variations
Ussachevsky, Vladimir Dialogues and Contrasts for Brass Quintet and Tape
Walker, George Theophilus Music for Brass (Sacred and Profane)
Welcher, Dan Brass Quintet
Whittenberg Triptych
Wilder, Alec Jazz Suite for brass quintet
Williams, Natalie Land of the Ages
Wuorinen, Charles Brass Quintet
Yamada, Norman Mundane Dissatisfactions
Yarnell, Carolyn Slade
Zupka, Ramon Masques for brass quintet and piano

Brass Quintet and Electronics:

Mitterer, Wolfgang Fractals 5 pour quintette de cuivres et électronique 1986 0:11:05

Brass Quintet and Tape:

Battier, Marc Encre sur polyester  1984 0:13:00 Unpublished

Brass Quintet and Orchestra:

Foss, Lukas Night Music for John Lennon In Memory of December 8, 1980
Schuller, Gunther Diptych 1964 0:18:00 Associated Music Publishers
Schuller, Gunther 1984 0:20:00 Associated Music Publishers

Brass Quintet and additional players:

Schuller, Gunther 1961 0:12:00 Associated Music Publishers

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